Diabetes disabilities act claim disputed

Jon Honkala, an inmate at Springfield prison in Vermont, has had his lawsuit denounced as a fraud by the State Corrections Commissioner, Mr Robert Hoffman. Mr. Hoffman publicly states that the prisoner’s conviction for arson kept him from partaking in programs that could have earned him an earlier release from jail, and not his condition of diabetes, as the inmate claims .
Jon Honkala sued the Correction Department for allegedly violating the Americans with Disabilities Act . He claims that he was kept out of prison work camp program due to his diabetes. However, Mr. Hoffman refutes the claim. Second-degree arson is considered a violent offence and as such excludes prisoners from taking part in work camp programs.
Mr Hoffman reportedly said: “What his health condition is and how it might impact the work camp is a moot point. He’s got a conviction for second-degree arson – it’s a felony. It’s considered a violent crime in the state of Vermont. He’s ineligible for the work camp.”
Honkala is a type 1 diabetes sufferer who needs insulin injections three times a day. He is in jail for burglary and arson convictions. Honkala is seeking the credit (and hence early release) that he would have earned had he been allowed to work.
The case continues.

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