Type 2 diabetes increases the risk of an early death

New results published in the journal Diabetic Medicine have revealed some disturbing facts about type 2 diabetes. Patients who suffer from this strain of the disease have been found to be around three times more likely to die early than those people without the disease, according to a study of 264,000 patients.
Type 2 diabetes is traditionally treated with diet and exercise. If properly managed and caught at an early enough stage, the need for insulin injections and other daily drugs can usually be avoided. At advanced stages, complications such as heart diseases, kidney failure and stroke become more common. Eyesight problems (retinopathy) and amputation caused by neuropathy may also strike. At this advanced level, the risk of death is apparent.
The study was carried out at Surrey University, and compared a large amount of GP’s records. An expert from the charity Diabetes UK reportedly called the figures ‘shocking’ but essential in order to raise awareness of how serious the condition actually is. The study author called for a focus on early detection and treatment of diabetes in the UK. The future rests heavily on the spread of awareness.

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