Asian youth affected by diabetes

Diabetes amongst the young is rising more rapidly in Asia than in other parts of the world. Metabolic syndrome is becoming more prevalent in Asia, particularly amongst the young. Complications resulting from this are also becoming more common. The news was revealed by medical journal, The Lancet, citing recent information from South Korea .
The increase in the number of young people in Asia who suffer from diabetes is showing no signs of diminishing. Changes in traditional diet and lifestyle are having an enormous affect on youth in the region. The Lancet elaborated on this, saying: “The behavioural patterns of the young in Asia have changed rapidly. Fast foods are readily available and lifestyles have become more sedentary due to computers, TV, academic study, poor urban planning, and cars .”
Two of the largest diabetes hotspots in the world, India and China, are at the heart of the diabetes problem in Asia. As diabetes begins to affect more and more people, the economic burdens and negative impact on healthcare systems is likely to become more severe.
One expert from Seoul, Kun Ho Yoo, said: “Although the prevalence in Asia is currently similar to that in the U.S., the rate at which diabetes has increased and the likelihood that it will continue to increase at this rate, provide substantial grounds for concern.”

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