Celiac disease, diabetes and children

A new study carried out in Denmark indicates that celiac disease affects a surprising amount of diabetic children . The figure discovered is one in every eight, and the disease also leads to stunted growth apparently.

Celiac disease occurs when the body is allergic to gluten, and is relieved by eating a gluten free diet . Researchers added further weight to this theory. Celiac disease can cause cramping in the intestines, stomach pains, bloating, diarrhoea and the loss of weight .
Identifying a study group throughout Denmark, the researchers put the children on a gluten-free diet and marked the effects. Those who stuck to the diet successfully lived with celiac disease and stayed healthy. Of the group, children who have celiac disease were found to also have lower height and weight.
The research team concluded that “regular screening for celiac disease in all children with type 1 diabetes” is necessary. The report was published in diabetes journal Diabetes Care.

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