The end of diabetes month

November is National Diabetes Month in America . This means that the American Diabetes Association and all of its associates work their hardest to spread awareness and prevention of diabetes. This November has been a successful month of diabetes education, but because the month is now over it does not mean that the spread of information should cease. This year’s theme ‘Diabetes care for the disadvantaged and vulnerable’ should continue to be at the forefront of people’s minds throughout the winter and next year.
Kicking off with World Diabetes Day, National Diabetes Month has brought together a huge number of associations, institutions and individuals in a universal celebration of diabetes awareness. Organised events, activities, speeches and programs were initiated nationwide, but the message spread far beyond America.
Throughout the world, people have embraced the idea of World Diabetes Day and National Diabetes Month, using it to spread the message that everyone should have equal access to healthcare, no matter how remote or poor they are. Keeping this message alive for the Christmas period should be a priority.

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