Diabetes affects around 1 in 500 young people in US

A new national study in America has revealed significant findings about the concentration of diabetes amongst young people . According to the report, published today in popular journal Paediatrics, approximately 1 in 523 young people have now been diagnosed with diabetes.
The new figure makes diabetes one of the most common chronic illnesses of youth, greater than both cancer and asthma . The study involved numerous different ethnic groups, and raises the level of general information about diabetes in the young. The estimate, according to one of the co-authors (a scientist at the Kaiser Permanente Southern California, in Pasadena), is the most accurate yet.
A number of ethnic conclusions were drawn from the study. Results also confirm the small and growing percentage of young children with type 2 diabetes. The authors cautioned that type 2 often goes undiagnosed for a long time in youth, and the problem is certainly growing.
Type 2 in youth means that diabetes is present in the body for significantly longer periods of time – complications can evolve including nerve damage, blindness and heart problems. One expert concluded: “The most important thing is that we recognize the enormity of what’s happening and document the extent of it, so we can identify it and intervene.”

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