American Diabetes Association launch a bold attack

The American Diabetes Associatio, pledged to fight the causes of diabetes at every turn, has invited communities throughout America to join their Step Out to Fight Diabetes. The fund-raising walk, previously known as Walk for Diabetes, is set to take place in over 200 cities.
The ADA say that Step Out to Fight Diabetes is an aggressive attack on the disease, particularly considered the 54 million people who have pre-diabetes in America. Darlene Cai, the Chair of the American Diabetes Associatio, reportedly said: “Step Out to Fight Diabetes has a wide appeal and a fresh look. With so many Americans affected by diabetes, we want to reach out to them, educate them and bring a new generation of people into the ADA family . Working together is the only way we will find a cure for this disease.”
The walks around which Step Out is based range from two to six miles, and are accessible to all people, whether diabetic or not. The participants are offered water, snacks, entertainment and encouragement during the walk. All funds raised from Step Out will be used to support the mission laid out by the ADA: to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all diabetics and people affected by diabetes.

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