Ancient mushroom for diabetes treatment

Researchers in Australia are set to trial an ancient mushroom used in traditional Chinese treatment to tackle a 21st Century wave of health disorders including diabetes, obesity and heart disease .
The team, who are from the University of Western Australia Centre for Complementary Medicine Research and the Cardiac Health Institute, will investigate the potential of the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma Lucidum.
The mushroom, which is sometimes called the ‘king of herbs’ in Asia, is to be tested on 170 people in Sydney . The mushroom is thought to lower high blood sugar levels and treat further health problems.
UWS researcher Nerida Klupp reportedly commented: “Many people in Australia have high blood sugar, which is often classified as diabetes or pre-diabetes. Many also have other medical problems such as high blood pressure, obesity and high cholesterol. Scientists and doctors now know these conditions are linked, and a person with at least three of these health problems is diagnosed with a condition called metabolic syndrome – also called ‘Syndrome X’.”
She concluded: “Ganoderma lucidum, which is also known as Reishi, has long been used to fight a wide range of diseases, and was thought to be the ‘elixir of immortality’ – enhancing vitality and helping to delay ageing.”

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