Chromium of further use for diabetes

A company called Nutrition 21 today reiterated the positive role that chromium picolinate can play on improving glycaemic control amongst people suffering from type 2 diabetes .
According to the peer-reviewed analysis, chromium is consistently beneficial and efficient as a supplement for diabetics . A research chemist, Doctor Broadhurst, said: “The main messages are that all forms of chromium are not equivalent, and that higher doses of chromium picolinate are required for people with type 2 diabetes. Previous chromium reviews examined all types of chromium at widely varying doses. But separating out chromium picolinate, which yields highly consistent results in research studies, compared to other chromium supplements shows that at doses between 200-1000 mcg it is a superior nutritional adjunct to diabetes treatments .”
The review investigated 15 different clinical studies, and found that picolinate helped diabetes management . Type 2 diabetics, type 1 diabetics and gestational diabetics were all studies. Their research shows that chromium picolinate was the most effective in terms of absorption and efficacy. A total of 1,690 people participated in the clinical trial. Nutrition 21 is a nutritional bioscience company.

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