India is apparently about to launch a new oral vaccine for diabetes that could take the place of insulin injections in the treatment of diabetes . India has a serious and extended diabetes problem, based around the erosion of traditional practices by Western diet and lifestyle.
The pharmaceutical company Transgene Biotek Ltd, who are based in Andhra Pradesh, will unveil the vaccine. The drug has been created in association with the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology in Hyderabad.
The chief of pharmacology at the IICT, Prakash Diwa, said: “We have made considerable progress in the drug development process. The new vaccine will be administered in liquid form.” However, he was also clear to state: “It’s too early to give further details.”
One researchers working on the new vaccine highlighted the fact that it was at an early stage. He reported: “The clinical trial will have two phases – in phase one the drug would be tested on animal mammals and on phase two on humans. Nearly 200 to 250 mammals of two separate categories would be put under the toxicological test. Once successful, the drug would be tried on around 100 patients from different parts of India and probably from some European country. It would help in containing the disease faster and more effectively. The cost of treatment would also go down as the drug would be an indigenous product.”
The news is expected to be warmly recieved by the Indian diabetic community and the Indian healthcare system.

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