Pain relief or diabetes control, drug report

A new report published in leading journal Diabetes Care indicates that one diabetes drug, despite being effective for treating diabetes pain, could lower the control over blood sugar levels.
Apparently, Duloxetine may have a negative affect on sugar control. Duloxetine is one of just two drugs that are prescribed for a phenomenon called diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain.
In order to produce the results, diabetes experts examined data from a variety of clinical trials investigating duloxetine. Long-term treatment with the drug indicated a strong rise in haemoglobin A1c.
The authors of the study reportedly commented that: “We hope these findings reported here will help (doctors) make informed decisions regarding the risks and benefits of duloxetine in patients seeking relief from painful diabetic neuropathy.”
Readers who take the drug are advised to consult their healthcare experts for further action.

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