Protect against type 2 diabetes

Reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by making simple adjustments to a healthier lifestyle, says a new study published in the British Medical Journal . Basic health precautions can make as much difference as prescription drugs, the authors conclude.
The researchers, from Leicester, investigated a range of different intervention techniques, and how effective they were on people who suffered from impaired glucose tolerance (often known as metabolic syndrome or pre-diabetes.) The team examined lifestyle changes, diabetes drugs and anti-obesity drugs.
According to the report, changing your lifestyle was likely to significantly reduce the chance of developing diabetes, with the lowest chance of side effects. When it came to lifestyle choice, the authors pointed to diet changes to eat better, and increasing the volume of exercise.
The cost of diabetes to healthcare systems the world over is enormous, if more people can be guided into changing their own lifestyle at an earlier stage, future budget crises could be averted.

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