Early diabetes and kidney disease indicator

A component of the blood commonly used to test for the early signs of kidney disease could also have a role to play in diagnosing pre-diabetics. According to researchers at the University of Buffalo, cystatin C could be an indicator that a patient is becoming pre-diabetic.
Pre-diabetes is an enormous global problem linked to obesity, and any early indication can prevent the disease evolving into a full-blown version of the condition. As many as 54 million people in America have pre-diabetes, many of whom will contribute to the diabetes timebomb.
The research was published in Diabetes Care, and clearly linked cystatin C with pre-diabetes. The author, Richard Donahue, reportedly commented: “It’s important to identify people at risk of pre-diabetes very early, because you can prevent this condition from developing by making changes in diet and lifestyle. If further studies support our finding, testing for cystatin C could become an important part of a standard physical examination. Preventive measures could be in place before glucose intolerance has a chance to develop and take its toll.”

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