Critic of diabetes drug says do not panic

One of the early critics of diabetes drug Avandia has urged patients taking the drug not to panic and stop their treatment, despite mounting controversy throughout the press. Avandia has been closely linked to an increased risk of heart attack and death, with opinion divided over the guilt of GlaxoSmithKline.
Dr. John Buse, who is the chief of endocrinology at University of North Carolina, as well as an incoming president of the American Diabetes Associatio, spoke out about the safety of the drug for diabetic patients. At an annual meeting, Buse said patients shouldn’t just cease taking the drug. He said that additional data needs to be considered.
Recent clamour over the safety of the drug has led to the House of Representatives scheduling a special hearing on the Food and Drug Administration handling of the approval. Buse is expected to testify at this hearing, regarding alleged pressure put on him by Glaxo. Buse reportedly concluded: “If there is a safety problem with Avandia it needs to be taken off the market. There is no doubt about that.”
Diabetics and healthcare professionals should take the warnings over Avandia into account, and wait for further news.

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