Future could be diabetes surgery

A new type of surgery touted as a diabetes cure may not be all it seems, according to some doctors in America. A medical procedure involving gastric bypass surgery has led to some type 2 diabetics around the world becoming entirely free of their disease. The weight-reduction surgery remains fairly rare, however.
The procedure by which the surgery actually cures diabetes remains unsure. Luigi Meneghinie, the director of the Kosow Diabetes Treatment Center in Florida, reportedly commented: “It hasn’t been clearly explained why.”
However, the procedure does appear to be effective, affecting around 82 per cent of gastric bypass patients. Managhini continued: “Bariatric (weight reduction) surgery, if you do it in the right person with Type 2 diabetes, the bypass itself appears to reverse or improve diabetes.”
Diabetics and healthcare professionals around the world no doubt have their fingers crossed that the surgery will become more widespread.

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