India scrutinising diabetes drug

The drug controller general of India, the DCGI, have started intensive investigative study of the type 2 diabetic medication, Rosiglitazone. The DCGI were prompted by American reports of a much increased risk of heart attack amongst diabetics taking the drug.
Healthcare staff and doctors around the world face uncertainty on account of the warnings. Glaxo, manufacturer of the controversial Avandia, have defended their product. Both Avandia and Actos (a similar drug created by Takeda Pharmacueticals) will now have to carry serious black box warnings. This will alert medical staff to the higher risk of congestive heart failure.
The type of heart failure that those taking rosiglitazone face an increased risk of occurs when the pumping of heart falters, and fluid accumulates throughout the body. The New England Journal of Medicine blew the doors open, by publishing a recent study putting risks of heart failure at 43 per cent. The DCGI will make their own decision on whether the medication remains suitable for prescription to Indian patients.

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