A non-profit organisation in America that looks in islet-cell replacement as a diabetes cure have stepped up their program, potentially bringing diabetics worldwide one step closer to a diabetes cure.
The Spring Point Project was created to speed up the availability of islet tissue for diabetes care, and they have successfully been breeding high-health, pathogen-free pigs at a biosecure animal facility. Islet cells from the pigs could meet transplant demands in the diabetic community.
The research facility was funded using a multi-million dollar grant from the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation in Washington . The facility will house around 100 medical-grade pigs, whose cells will be used for transplantation.
Dr. Henk-Jan Schuurma, the CEO of Spring Point, reportedly commented: “We had a favorable response from the FDA on the design and operations of this building. Now, our goal is to be ready for clinical trials within three years, and to provide an FDA-approved standard treatment soon thereafter. We are very pleased that the first animals in the facility meet the high-health standards.”
Another renowned expert, Dr. Hering, reportedly said: “Populating the Islet Resource Facility marks a major milestone in our ability to offer islet transplants to all patients with diabetes who meet medical criteria.”

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