Vegetarian diet for diabetes

Diet is such an important factor in the management and control of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The diet you choose on a daily basis affects your diabetes to an incredible extent, and can make all the difference between feeling good and feeling rotten. Many diabetics choose a vegetarian diet, but making the right food choices is more important than labelling yourself.
As a diabetic, it is very possible to eat vegetarian food and still eat unhealthily. A number of different vegetarian diets exist. These include lacto vegetarians who eat no flesh at all but subsist on fruits, vegetables and dairy. Ovo vegetarians include eggs . Vegans eat no meat, eggs or dairy and some choose not to eat honey. Fruitarians eat only fruit, nuts and seeds.
Depending on how well you eat, vegetarian diets can be high in fibre and positive phytochemicals. Keeping free of cholesterol and eating few saturated fats can mean major healthy benefits. Both a vegan and vegetarian diet are lower in calories than diets involving meat.

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