Virus sponge for diabetes care

Scientists at the University of Maryland A. James Clark School of Engineering have created something known as a ‘virus sponge.’ This novel treatment filters the blood of a patient, somewhat like kidney dialysis, and removes the virus from the patient’s body. The technology could help to reduce glucose levels amongst diabetics, the experts claimed.
Basing their research on technology known as molecular imprinting, the researchers created a molecular stamp to trap certain molecules in a substance called hydrogel. A team, led by Professor Peter Kofinas of the Clark School’s Fischell Department of Bioengineering, has used the technique already in parvovirus and influenza cases.
Kofinas reportedly commented: “This new technology could be integrated into hospitals and healthcare centers at minimal cost. This virus removal device can be used the same way as a kidney dialysis machine. If you have a viral infection, you can go to the hospital and have your blood cleaned of that virus.”
Regarding diabetes, Kofinas commented: “Applying the technology to a drug or food additive could contribute to the dietary freedom of those who suffer from type II diabetes .” He explained that diabetic patients could take a pill with hydrogels included to remove excess sugar.

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