Diabetes causes blindness

The American Optometric Association has revealed that insufficient levels of eye healthcare are causing a greater risk of blindness amongst diabetic patients.
The results were part of the annual AOA American Eye-Q survey. The association found that some 60 per cent of adults knew that diabetes could be detected using a comprehensive examination of the eyes.
Despite this increased level of awareness, just 32 per cent of adults without glasses or eye problems have seen an optometric expert in the last two years. The association concluded that two-thirds of Americans are therefore putting their vision and health at risk.
A diabetes eye care expert, Dr. Cuadros, reportedly commented: “More than 21 million Americans have diabetes, and perhaps of even greater concer, more than 6 million Americans are unaware that they have the disease. In addition to overall health complications, diabetes can cause vision changes and ultimately lead to blindness.”

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