Diabetes UK call for action

According to leading UK diabetes charity Diabetes UK, urgent action must be taken to stop the ‘diabetes timebomb’ the nation is facing from ticking. According to the charity, over three million people in the UK are living with either type 2 or type 2 diabetes.
The charity asked the UK government to lead the fight against type 2 diabetes and obesity. The number of diabetics is climbing every day, with over 100,000 more diagnosed in the last year. Diabetes UK now confirms that as many 2.3 million British people are now diagnosed diabetics. The other 750,000 are thought to suffer unaware that they have type 2.
The chief executive of Diabetes UK, Douglas Smallwood, reportedly commented: “Diabetes UK is calling for immediate action on Type 2 diabetes and obesity to prevent future generations facing a lifetime of ill-health and an early grave. Type 2 diabetes is the biggest health challenge of our time. We need to take collective and individual responsibility for this devastating issue, which means Government must work with all sections of society to enable them to live healthier lives.”
Smallwood reportedly concluded: “After all, studies have shown that changes to diet and levels of exercise can reduce new cases of Type 2 diabetes by 58%. This proves that we really can make a difference and begin to defuse the diabetes timebomb.”

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