New diabetes initiative in Scotland

A fresh diabetes initiative should be warmly greeted by diabetics in the Highlands. A partnership has been generated between the National Health Service, the private sector, and academics. Together, the three sectors will form the Highlands Diabetes Instiute.
The centre for health science is to be completed in Inverness, helping to establish the town as a serious driving force in researching and developing treatments for diabetes. The centre represents a meeting of minds and resources for NHS Highland, the UHI Milennium Institute, and Lifescan Scotland .
The minister for public health, Shona Robinso, reportedly commented: “The institute will make a real difference. I hope that increased understanding of the disease will lead to improvements in the treatment of the condition. The institute will also provide a welcome boost to the already thriving life sciences sector in Scotland . This sector has grown significantly over the past decade and the new Scottish Government is keen to ensure Scotland remains at the forefront of leading-edge drug research and development .”

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