According to a recent study conducted by the University of East Anglia, taking a specific type of chocolate high in flavonoids could be able to cut the risk of heart disease amongst diabetic women.
A team of female volunteers, all of whom will be postmenopausal women who have type 2 diabetes, will be given a bar of chocolate each day for a year. The chocolate will be similar to Cocoa, a type of chocolate rich in flavonoids.

When Cocoa is turned into chocolate, many of the flavonoids are destroyed. The specially formulated chocolate has also had soy added, itself another rich form of flavonoids.
The lead researcher of the study, professor Aedin Cassidy, reportedly commented: “Despite postmenopausal women being at a similar risk to men for developing cardiovascular disease, to date they are under-represented in clinical trials. We hope to show that adding flavonoids to their diets will provide additional protection from heart disease and give women the opportunity to take more control over reducing their risk of heart disease in the future.”
However, Dr. Iain Frame of leading UK charity Diabetes UK reportedly commented: “We certainly don’t advise people to start eating a lot of chocolate as it is very high in sugar and fat . We would always recommend that people with diabetes eat a diet low in fat, salt and sugar with plenty of fruit and vegetables .”

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