Cholesterol, cancer and diabetes associations

A new study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal indicates that both low and high levels of LDL cholesterol could be associated with cancer, amongst those patients with type 2 diabetes .
The relationship between low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels and cancer was examined amongst over 6,000 Chinese patients who had type 2 diabetes . The authors, from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, reportedly commented: “LDL cholesterol levels below 2.80 mmol/L and levels of at least 3.90 mmol/L were both associated with markedly elevated risk of cancer among patients who did not use statins.”
The research team found that for those diabetics with both high and low levels of LDL cholesterol, a greater risk of cancer was found. The team reportedly said that the use of the levels they found: “as risk markers may help clinicians to assess their patients more fully and thus to prevent premature deaths in patients who have high risk.”

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