Diabetes cure with weight loss surgery

According to recent reports in the diabetes news, the most efficient form of weight-loss surgery could have the power to cure up to a third of people in the UK with type 2 diabetes . The claim was made by a surgeon and study author, Mr. Paul Super.
The success of gastric banding depends on the skill of the surgeo, studies say, not to mention the patient follow-up procedures. Mr. Super has co-authored several studies involving people with diabetes and high BMI. Gastric band surgery has proven efficient in sending many people with diabetes into remission within 12 months of the operation.
Mr Super was reported as commenting: “We know now that weight control is the most significant factor in the management of type 2 diabetes in terms of its ability to reduce the incidence and mortality of this condition. The greater the degree of weight loss, the greater the control over blood glucose levels . Unfortunately the lifestyle and medical interventions typically used to treat diabetic patients only result in modest weight loss. This is because diabetics find it much harder to lose weight than other people and, the heavier they are, the more difficult it is to control their condition because obesity triggers insulin resistance. As a result diabetic patients require increasing quantities of insulin to keep their blood sugar levels under control.”

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