A new type of diabetes drug that halts the onset of the disease, as well as cancer and heart disease, could be a reality in the next five year period. A research team say that the wonder drug could also be used to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
The drug is based on a component found in the skin of red grapes (and also in wine) known as resveratrol. The drug mimics the action of the compound, and researchers say that it cuts the impact of high-fat diets, doubles stamina levels and even extends lifespan amongst mice.
However, to be affective, the dose of the drug needs to be huge, and humans would have to drink approximately 1,000 bottles of wine… which no-one is recommending! Pharmaceutical company Sitris are understood to have developed a pill based on two chemicals that acts in the same manner.
David Sinclair, the co-founder of Sitris, reportedly commented: “The excitement here is that we’re not talking about red wine any more. We’re talking about real drugs. We will make a drug to treat one disease but it will, as an added bonus, protect you against most of the other diseases of the Western world. One of the drawbacks of resveratrol is that the doses need to be large.”

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