New potential blockbuster diabetes drug

An Australian research team have reportedly developed a new diabetes drug that could end one of the complications of the disease .
University of Melbourne researchers, and a research team at the St Vincent Hospital claimed that a new drug could prevent fibrosis, which is the build up of scarring on internal organs.
Fibrosis is untreatable, with no medication on the market for the drugs. The new drug, called FT-11 could be groundbreaking in preventing the disease. The drug will not prevent diabetes, but it could help to prevent complications such as heart disease and kidney disease.
Professor Darren Kelly reportedly commented: “It would be an enormous blockbuster drug with an initial market of around 2.0 billion dollars. We are hoping to delay or prevent those complications which would basically keep those patients off dialysis — which would have a huge benefit for their lifestyle. We know at the moment in rat studies that our compound inhibited the development of fibrosis, and the interesting thing in the future would be to see whether we can actually reverse fibrosis.”

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