Low-carb diets key in fighting diabetes

According to recent reports in the diabetes news, diets low in carbohydrates could be key in fighting diabetes, even if they are high in animal fat and protein diet . The study was conducted on female diabetics .
The lead author of the study, which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Thomas Halto, reportedly commented: “One study is never enough to change a recommendatio, but this study is interesting in that it shows that a low-fat diet is no better than a low-carbohydrate diet in preventing type 2 diabetes . The one diet that did seem to show a protective effect was a vegetable-based, low-carb diet which consisted of higher amounts of vegetable fat and vegetable protein, and lower amounts of carbohydrate.”
Halton made it clear that the research team was surprised by the findings, and that usually doctors recommended a low-fat diet to prevent type 2 diabetes. Halton reportedly continued: “This study showed that a low-fat diet didn’t really prevent type 2 diabetes in our cohort when compared to a low-carb diet. I was also surprised that total carbohydrate consumption was associated with type 2 diabetes, and that the relative risk for the glycemic load was so high.”

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