Million get obesity prescriptions, many diabetic

According to a recent report by the National Health Service Information Centre for health and social care, the number of anti-obesity drug prescriptions has now passed one million.
The prescriptions, used to combat the tide of obesity that is sweeping the UK and adding to the number of diabetics, cost around £47.5 million per annum. Of these, the vast majority are Xenical and Reductil.
The NHS indicate that as many as one out of every five men, and one in five women, could be at a high risk of developing health problems due to their waist circumference and Body Mass Index .
The care advisor at leading Diabetes charity Diabetes UK, reportedly commented: ” Anti-obesity drugs can help manage weight problems but should only be used as a last resort. In the first instance, Diabetes UK recommends a healthy diet and regular physical activity to manage weight and reduce serious conditions linked to obesity such as diabetes and heart disease .”

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