Zsweet: new organic sweetener for diabetes

Zsweet are a small company whose product grew from the simple desire to help their friends and family. Originating in American, diabetes news this morning is that Zsweet have launched in Europe.
Aiming to help diabetics with the challenge of living with the disease, Zsweet founder Tim Avila created an organic and all natural sweetener . Zsweet claim that life can be sweet again, without the worry of harmful effects of sugar, hidden calories or sudden spikes in blood sugar. Zsweet, now available in the UK and Europe through Zsweet Europen, set out to make the best tasting, zero calorie, totally natural and organic sweetener .
Zsweet is completely natural, and does not cause tooth decay. A human study at the Glycaemic Index Laboratories found that Zsweet does not increase blood sugar, apparently keeping it safe and sweet for diabetics to use as part of a healthy diet . As well as being healthy, Zsweet contains no artificial ingredients and scores points on both taste and texture.
The sweetener can be used to sweeten hot or cold drinks, on cereals, and in baking or cooking . Zsweet is available from their official site.

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