Continued climbing diabetes rates

According to a new study, the number of American people being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is climbing all the time. For the US healthcare system, the study argues, this represents a potential health and economic catastrophe.
The news accompanies a recent report in which diabetes was shown to be more expensive to the US than the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and against terrorism. The lead author of the most recent study, Frank Sloa, reportedly commented:
“What’s alarming is we have 47 million uninsured people, but these people [in the study, enrolled under Medicare] are all insured . So in this kind of insured program, we have so many people who are not adhering to the recommended care.”
The study was published in this month’s issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine . Type 2 diabetes was found to be increasing amongst older and younger people. The researchers analysed data from 1994-2004, including Medicare claims . The research team further highlighted the need for prevention.

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