Diabetes company get Canadian approval

Diabetes drug manufacturers Merck Frosst Canada Ltd. (a part of Merck and Co Inc.) have had a new diabetes drug approved for use in Canada.
Health Canada, the equivalent of the American Food and Drug Administratio, approved the new oral diabetes treatment . The drug helps to control blood sugar levels amonst adult patients suffering from type 2 diabetes .
The approval is specifically for diabetic agent Januvia to be used in conjunction with common diabetes medication metformin. The drug will be prescribed when blood sugar control is not being achieved through the use of metformin, alongside diet and exercise .
Januvia is taken once daily, and is one of the new class of DPP-4 inhibitors. The drug was approved for use in America last year. Merck are part of a small group of large-scale pharmaceutical companies that supply medication to treat diabetics throughout the world. With the problems faced by Glaxo diabetes drug Avandia last year, considerable market opportunity exists for new and effective treatments.

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