Diabetes drug positive phase 2 trial

Diabetes company Diamyd Medical have reported that its new diabetes drug is proving to be efficient in preserving beta cell function amongst type 2 diabetic patients.
The drug, Diamyd, the first of its type, performed well in phase 2 trials . This series of results comes at the 30-month timepoint. Diamyd had previously been proved efficient after 15 and 21 months.
The drug, termed as a therapeutic diabetes vaccine, also aided in specific immune response. The study was conduced at eight different sites in Swede, and included 70 patients. Those who were treated with Diamyd showed significant preservation of insulin secretion over a 30 month period.
The CEO and president of Diamyd Medical, Elisabeth Lindner, reportedly commented: “The plan is now to commence Phase III studies in order to confirm the positive results and then to apply for registration of the product.”

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