New patent for herbal diabetes treatment

According to a report in the Hindu Times, a new herbal treatment for diabetes has been granted a patent in India .
The herbal medicine, being described as a ‘cure’ is based on extracts from the Kadamb tree, commonly found throughout India. Using the leaves, the extract has been tried on over 1,000 type 2 diabetics .
The controller-general of patents in India gave approval for the composition, which contains two types of alkaloids found in the tree, cadambine and dihydroconchonine. The World Trade Organisation has sanctioned the treatment with an international classification number.
According to the report, the treatment removes insensitivity from insulin receptors and regulates the production of insulin. The inventor, Suresh Sharma, reportedly commented: “The existing medicines used in the treatment of diabetes aggravated the condition of the patients by causing a flare up in this genetic disorder. This medicine works without any side effects and provides total cure in a period of 4-10 months.”

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