Diabetes trial gives positive feedback

According to results released by Living Cell Technologies Limited, diabetes patients that received implants of DiabeCell (R) encapsulated porcine islet cells for type 1 diabetics have reported positive results.
Six patients have now been given the treatment, which involved 5,000 islet implants. No adverse affects have yet been reported, allowing the company to do a 12 month follow up trial .
The medical director of LCT, Professor Elliott, reportedly commented: “At this stage in the DiabeCell(R) trial clinical benefit has been observed in all five patients receiving the lowest dose which has far exceeded our expectations. In the first group, following DiabeCell(R) implants we have seen reductions in daily insulin requirements ranging from 23% to as much as 100% while maintaining good control of blood glucose levels in four out of five patients.”
The trial is underway in Moscow.

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