4 million UK people with diabetes by 2025

Leading diabetes charity Diabetes UK have highlighted the face that Britain could have as many as four million people with diabetes by 2025. Despite government measures to thwart the spread of obesity, which has been proven to increase risk of type 2 diabetes, a diabetes epidemic will be hard to avoid.
Diabetes UK suggest that a 46% rise in current figures will occur, largely provoked by unhealthy diets and indolent lifestyles. People with diabetes face a greater risk of complications including amputation, blindness and kidney and heart problems.
The new government ‘healthy towns’ initiative aims to reduce the growth of obesity in the UK. The initiative will provide funds to towns that demonstrate commitment to making the environment more healthy.
Diabetes UK said that the future could see greater pressure on the National Health Service, making diabetes one of the foremost health challenges faced by the UK.

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