Cheap diabetes screening could save many lives

A new type of diabetes screening test that costs just 10 pence could prevent thousands of Scottish people from developing diabetes, according to one diet expert.
Routine screening, according to Professor Charles V. Clark, would mean sufferers diagnosed diabetes at an early stage, perhaps even before it fully developed. Diabetes is becoming more common in Scotland, with some 371,000 Scottish people expected to face diabetes by 2025.
Professor Clark reportedly commented: “People at risk of developing diabetes get years of warning before it sets in and preventative action can be taken. It could save the NHS billions of pounds in diabetes treatment and associated problems such as high blood pressure or cholesterol, blindness and heart disease . With simple, medically-proven diet alterations, the diabetes explosion predicted for Scotland could be halted.”
Diabetes UK Scotland agreed with Prof Clark, saying that testing could provide a decade of warning to those at risk.

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