NYC the site of diabetes and obesity epidemic

According to recent reports in the diabetes news, the rate of diabetes and obesity growth in New York City far exceeds that throughout the rest of America . A recent study by the health department found that hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers became diabetic between 2002 and 2004.
A study published in journal Preventing Chronic Disease found that weight gain over that two year period totalled over 10 million pounds. Similarly, obesity rates and diabetes rates increased by some 17 per cent over the study period.
The health commissioner of New York, Thomas Friede, was reported as commenting: “Obesity and with it diabetes are the only widespread major health conditions that are getting worse in New York City. To tackle this problem and help prevent the devastating effects of these conditions, New Yorkers must take in fewer calories, and to help them do that we must change our environment.”
He also reportedly added: “Consumers must have calorie information readily available when they are ordering food at chain restaurants, and we must continue to increase access to fruits and vegetables in the neighborhoods where healthy foods are not readily accessible.”

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