Chinese study reveals diabetes conclusions

According to a recent study conducted in China, using intensive insulin therapy at an early stage is more effective in controlling type 2 diabetes than other oral hypoglycemic agents.
The study, supported by the Chinese Government and leading insulin manufacturer Novo Nordisk and Diagnostics company Roche, found that early insulin intervention was more effective than taking the hyperglycemics.
The survey included almost 400 patients aged between 25-70 years. The team compared the effects of early intervention and oral hypoglycemics on diabetes remission and beta-cell functioning. The results of the study were published in The Lancet.
A care advisor at Diabetes UK, the leading UK diabetes charity, Pav Pank, was reported as commenting that the Chinese study: “shows that considering using insulin early when people are first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes might be an additional way to achieve good diabetes management .” Pank reportedly continued that each individual needs to be treated on a separate basis, concluding: “As using insulin introduces the risk of having hypos, good patient education on self-management is also crucial.”

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