Increased obesity and diabetes risk in Indians down to genes

According to reports in the diabetes news, high rates of obesity and diabetes in Indian communities are down to a genetic heritage. A team of scientists investigated why Indian people are more prone to weight problems, and found that a gene sequence could be linked to larger waist line, weight gain and type 2 diabetes .
A team from Imperial College London found that 50% of the population carry the gene, but amongst Indian Asians it is some 30% more common. This discovery could help doctors to identify those people who could gain health benefits from losing weight early.
Indian Asians suffer from a high level of obesity . The gene discovered is closely related to MC4R, a gene that regulates energy levels through eating and energy use habits. The lead researcher of the study, Jaspal Kooner, reportedly commented: “A better understanding of the genes behind problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease means that we will be in a good position to identify people whose genetic inheritance makes them most susceptible. We can’t change their genetic inheritance. But we can focus on preventative measures, including life-style factors such as diet and exercise, and identifying new drug targets to help reduce the burden of disease.”

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