UK gets second for diabetes care

According to the first Euro Consumer Diabetes Index, diabetes care in the UK is the second best in Europe. Denmark are the head of the table, and Ireland places ninth as reported on earlier this week. Compared to the European Health Consumer Index, where the UK scored 17th, the result is a good one.
The Project Manager for the Diabetes Index, Dr. Garrofe, reportedly commented: “This is an indication of what can be achieved by treating diabetes early in the healthcare chain. However, it could be much, much better. The UK’s levels of obesity and low rates of physical activity are undermining the benefits of the diabetes care available.”
Mr. John Hjertqvist, who analysed the index outcomen, was reported as saying: “The NHS needs to act on the known risk factors for diabetes ; routine prevention measures such as cholesterol and blood sugar monitoring are not at adequate levels; despite the well-documented lifestyle issues in the UK. Provision of routine screening would provide a significant improvement to the UK provision of diabetes care.”

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