Diabetes drug conclusion announced

According to new data regarding diabetes drug Galvus, a form of oral treatment for type 2 diabetes, is reportedly as effective and better tolerated when added to metformin.
Furthermore, the GALIANT study has revealed that patients who take Galvus do not gain weight . Many type 2 diabetes treatments have weight gain as a side effect. The GALIANT study involved some 2,400 patients.
The study results were presented at the annual European Association for the Study of Diabetes meeting in Rome. According to the Director of the Diabetes and Metabolism Translational Medicine Unit at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, Richard Pratley: “The GALIANT study reflects the true nature and diversity of the type 2 diabetes patient population. The use of early combination therapy is becoming increasingly important to help patients achieve their recommended blood sugar levels . This study shows that Galvus is effective and well tolerated in this diverse group of patients in a primary care setting.”

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