Diabetes drug carries unknown tumour risk

According to diabetes experts, a new diabetes drug created by Novo Nordisk could have a link to certain tumours, despite being cleared of being related to heart risks.
Liraglutide, an injectable drug for type 2 diabetes patients, has been subject to a Food and Drug Administration review. The core features of the drug are its ability to lower blood glucose levels whilst also reducing the weight of patients.
However, the panel who could grant the drug approval were split in half. There is some evidence that the drug causes cancerous thyroid tumours amongst rats and mice. The head of the FDA metabolic and endocrine drug division, Dr. Mary Parks, reportedly commented:
“I think it reflects the complexity of the issue. It shows a panel of experts vigorously debated this issue and found it difficult to interpret.” A final decision on the drug is expected in the next few weeks.

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