Drug could also prevent diabetes

According to recent reports in the diabetes news, a diabetes drug currently used to lower blood sugar levels amongst people with diabetes could also be helpful to delay or prevent the disease amongst people predisposed to develop the condition. The results were uncovered by a study in Japa, published in The Lancet.
The generic drug voglibose could be used to treat pre-diabetes and metabolic syndromen, massive global problems that are reinforcing the type 2 diabetes epidemic. The team clearly showed how the drug could lower incidence of diabetes development .
The researchers reportedly commented: “Long term prophylaxis with this (drug) in high-risk individuals with impaired glucose tolerance could provide a pharmacological option, along with lifestyle modificatio, to help reduce the burden of type 2 diabetes in Japan.” The discovery could open up an important new treatment pathway to prevent people from developing type 2 diabetes at an earlier stage.

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