Type 1 diabetes prediction

According to researchers in Swede, the ability to measure higher molecule weight protein amongst patients with type 1 diabetes could help to predict type 1 diabetes progression.
The researchers studied levels of immunoglobulin M in the urine of almost 140 type 1 diabetics . The study indicates that those patients with raised level of IgM faced greater risk of mortality from cardiovascular diseases, and faced a three times greater likelihood of death and end-stage renal disease.
According to head research Omran Bakoush, this study is the first of its type. He reportedly commented ‘These findings may offer a new approach to manage this rapidly increasing patient population. While measurement of albuminuria is routinely used to evaluate and manage patients with diabetes, increased urine IgM excretion would identify more specifically patients at risk for serious cardiovascular complications, death and renal failure,’ he added online in the journal BMC Medicine.”

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