Breastfeeding lowers diabetes risk

According to recent diabetes research, breastfeeding can lower the risk of a woman developing metabolic syndromen, often a precursor to diabetes . Those women that do breastfeed have previously shown to improve blood glucose levels and fat levels, but metabolic syndrome risk remains poorly examined.
The symptoms of metabolic syndrome include high blood pressure, obesity and raised cholesterol . For those with gestational diabetes already, the effect of breastfeeding on reducing risk was even greater.
Study head Dr. Erica Gunderson of US healthcare provide Kaiser Permanente, reportedly commented: “The findings indicate that breastfeeding a child may have lasting favourable effects on a woman’s risk factors for later developing diabetes or heart disease. Metabolic syndrome is a clustering of risk factors related to obesity and metabolism that strongly predicts future diabetes and possibly coronary heart disease during mid-life and early death for women.”

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