Diabetes drug clinical trials underway

Two pharmaceutical experts have announced that they will work together to implement clinical trials for a joint developed type 2 diabetes drug, as of January. The pre-clinical trial phase of the programme was completed ahead of schedule, leaving little barrier to diabetic drug CM3 to proceed to clinical trials.
The company signed the agreement last December, and AstraZeneca have the exclusive chance to license further patents to exploit the diabetes drug as it comes towards approval. With Phase 1 trials due early next year, further trials are expected throughout 2010.
Biocompatibles chief executive Crispin Simon was reported as saying: “The first generation GLP-1s have established the drug class in treating type II diabetes but have also shown some limitations. We see CM3 as a second generation GLP-1, which has the potential to overcome these limitations. The pre-clinical results confirm that this is a realistic vision. They show that we have options for dosing and alternative routes of delivery.”

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