Diabetes rates soar in the UK

According to diabetes news today, the UK is undergoing a soaring rate of diabetes, directly linked to growing obesity rates. According to the shocking figures, diabetes climbed 74 per cent between 1997 and 2003. By 2005, the figures indicate, over 4 per cent of the population were classified as having some type of diabetes .
The statistics were reported in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, and highlight that the majority of new cases are type 2 diabetes, linked to diet . A research team from Spain and Sweden analysed the results, and made it clear that the trend was not due to more screening tests or an ageing population.
The research team reportedly said: “Our results suggest that, although the incidence of diabetes remains lower in the UK than in the USA or Canada, it appears to be increasing at a faster pace.”
Commenting on the results, chief executive of Diabetes UK, Douglas Smallwood, reportedly said: “This research is a sad indictment of the current state of the UK’s health. Sadly, the statistics are not surprising as we know that the soaring rates of type 2 diabetes, are strongly linked to the country’s expanding waistline.”

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