NHS failing people with diabetes

According to a recent report from diabetes charity Diabetes UK, as many as 60 per cent of people with diabetes are being failed by the NHS in England and Wales.
Two-thirds of diabetics are not getting all the vital annual health checks they need to correctly manage their health . As well as reviewing blood glucose levels, the NHS should also check body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol, feet and eyes . All of these checks help to manage diabetes more effectively, and avoid potentially fatal diabetes complications .
The figures were revealed as part of the National Diabetes Audit. Diabetes UK Chief executive Douglas Smallwood reportedly commented: ” Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in the UK’s working age population, causes 100 amputations a week and accounts for one in ten people in UK hospitals. These shocking statistics are attributable to poor recording and inadequate NHS diabetes services. It’s essential people with diabetes receive all the necessary components of annual check-ups and are empowered to work more closely with their diabetes team to review and agree individual goals. Only when these criteria are met will we begin to see a reduction in complications, recently estimated to cost the NHS around £1 million an hour.”

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