Links between diabetes and Alzheimers

According to Alzheimer’s charity the Alzheimer’s Research Trust, research is ongoing into the close links between the disease and diabetes . The most recent research was presented at ICAD 2009.
The research manager for the ART, Dr. Simon Ridley, reportedly commented: “We know that type 2 diabetes increases the risk of Alzheimer’s, and the research presented today at ICAD goes some way towards explaining why that might be the case. It could be that the way insulin is regulated is important for the way our brains work. If we can understand more about the two conditions then we are more likely to be able to develop effective treatments .”
Just like diabetes, diet and exercise are a crucial way of lowering Alzheimer’s risk. Dr. Ridley reportedly concluded: “Everyone can lower their risk of dementia by eating a healthy diet, with lots of fruit and vegetables and exercising. Managing high blood pressure and cholesterol is also important.”

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